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  • Mopar Drops Off Jeep Gladiator Accessory Catalog In Our Driveway

Mopar Drops Off Jeep Gladiator Accessory Catalog In Our Driveway

See what $12,000 in factory Jeep accessories looks like.

Jun 8, 2020
The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is the perfect platform for accesorization, and Mopar has the most complete lineup of Gladiator parts today, covering everything from function and performance to style and comfort. We recently took delivery of Mopar's Gladiator demonstration vehicle for a week, which was upfitted to the tune of $12,000 to give us a look at many of the parts offered through your Jeep dealership. These parts can be added and installed at the time of purchase and wrapped into your payments and warranty or can be added at a later date. Keep in mind many of these accessories are also compatible with the Jeep Wrangler JL. So, what does $12,000 in accessories look like? Let's take a look.

Suspension Lift, 2-in with Fox Shocks

P/N: 77072468
MSRP: $1,495
Photo 2/20   |   002 Mopar Gladiator First Look
The Mopar suspension system has the added benefit of being designed by the same company that built the Gladiator. At $1,495, it is reasonably priced and engineered by Jeep Performance Parts team. The kit includes four Fox 2.5 aluminum-bodied shocks that have been carefully tuned, four new coil springs, longer front control arms with more flexible bushings, sway bar end links, and extended bump stops. The kit allows for 37-inch tires on Rubicon models and noticeably improves the ride on- and off-road.
Photo 3/20   |   003 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Photo 4/20   |   004 Mopar Gladiator First Look

Mopar Slotted Off-Road Wheels

P/N: 77072494AB
MSRP: $285 (each)
Photo 5/20   |   005 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Mopar offers the 17x8.5 Slotted Off-Road wheel in a satin carbon finish. These wheels are made specifically for the Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator and come with a 5.22-inch backspace (12mm offset) for those running larger tires. The large center bore is designed to slip over the camera when placed in the Wrangler's spare tire position, and the wheels have a hefty load rating of 1,950 pounds, each.

Valve Stem Cap Kit

P/N: 82214622
MSRP: $19 (each)
Photo 6/20   |   006 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Probably one of the most affordable items in the Mopar parts catalog are the Jeep valve stem caps. These little guys add the famous Jeep outline logo and a little bit of style to an otherwise forgettable part of your Gladiator.

Grille Kit

P/N: 82216097
MSRP: $325
Photo 7/20   |   007 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Are you looking to replicate, with your JT or JL, the trend we started back in 2007 on Project 'Con Artist?' Looks no further than the factory-endorsed Mopar Satin Black Grille Kit. Guaranteed to be as durable as your Gladiator or Wrangler, the satin black grille is perfect for those wanting a more sinister looking Jeep. The satin finish also keeps the grille from looking like it is just an unpainted part.

Grille & Winch Guard

P/N: 82215351
MSRP: $249
Photo 8/20   |   008 Mopar Gladiator First Look
With a powder coated finish to match the factory steel front bumper, the bolt-on 2-inch Grille and Winch Guard tube bolts to existing holes and protects the grille and winch. This tube also provides a convenient place to mount lights and gives the Rubicon's steel bumper a more finished look.

7-inch Off-Road LED Light Kit

P/N: 82215386AB
MSRP: $725

7-inch Off-Road LED Light Mounting Brackets

P/N: 82215729
MSRP: $65
Photo 9/20   |   009 Mopar Gladiator First Look
When combined with the Grille and Winch Guard mounting brackets, Mopar's 7-inch Off-Road LED lights easily mount to the front of the Gladiator (or Wrangler). The wiring kit makes hookup a breeze (especially if you have the auxiliary switches), and the included light covers keep you road legal in states that required covers on auxiliary lighting. These lights feature a cast aluminum housing that seals the electronics from dust, and the lights can even be submerged in water. The mounting dampers protect the lights from shock and vibration, keeping the 8,000 Lumens on output stable on the toughest terrain. Mopar's 7-inch lights are a great compliment to the factory headlights.

5-inch Off-Road LED Light Kit

P/N: 82215385AB
MSRP: $475

A-pillar Light Brackets

P/N: 82215427
MSRP: $145
Photo 10/20   |   010 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Like the 7-inch lights, Mopar's 5-inch Off-Road LED Light kit is easy to install, and it features aluminum housings and mounting isolators. Covers are included, and output is 4,800 Lumens per light. On the Mopar Gladiator, these lights are mounted to Mopar's A-pillar Light Brackets. These brackets can support lights, or the Mopar snorkel, and bolt to existing threaded holes in the cowl.

Hood Latch with Jeep Logo

P/N: 82215710
MSRP: $60
Photo 11/20   |   011 Mopar Gladiator First Look
The Mopar Hood Latch with the Jeep logo doesn't add any additional functionality that we could discern, but we are sure someone will think it's a "must have" addition to their new Jeep.

Performance Rock Rails

P/N: 82215606
MSRP: $950
Photo 12/20   |   012 Mopar Gladiator First Look
When the factory sliders aren't enough, Mopar offers the upgraded Performance Rock Rails. These are the very same sliders standard on the new Gladiator Mojave. Made from roll-formed and zinc-coated steel, these bed-lined sliders offer more protection than the standard rails and are completely bolt-on. They also stick out further from the body, protecting it from rocks and sand spray and acting as a step of sorts for shorter occupants.

Sill Kit

P/N: 82215551
MSRP: $75
Photo 13/20   |   013 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Mopar's Sill Kit protects the door sills from scuffs and scratches. They install easily with double-sided tape and are made to be durable and long-lasting. For us these are a simple, no-brainer mod for any JT owner.

Brushed Pedal Pads

P/N: 82215335AC
MSRP: $105
Photo 14/20   |   014 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Did you know that Mopar makes a pedal kit for automatic and manual Gladiators that removes the factory rubber pads and replaces them with brushed stainless-steel pads? While these pads do offer a lot of show, thanks to aggressive rubber nubs, they are said to offer improved grip over the stock pieces.

All Weather Floor Mats

P/N: 82215626AB
MSRP: $165
Photo 15/20   |   015 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Mopar All Weather Floor Mats are another must-have accessory for any JT. These thick rubber mats are an exact fit for the floor, snapping securely in place, and they're designed to not only contain dirt, snow, and mud, but to protect the carpet from wear. A cool feature is the ability to drain water from the tub, thanks to holes in the mats that align with the tub drain plugs.

Katzkin Leather

MSRP: $1,750
Photo 16/20   |   016 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Thanks to a tie-up with aftermarket premium leather company Katzkin, Mopar offer quality leather seat covers for those looking to replace their factory cloth seats covers or upgrade their leather ones. With softer leather, the seats are more comfortable and more durable.

3.6L Cold Air Induction Kit

P/N: 77072433AB
MSRP: $445
Photo 17/20   |   017 Mopar Gladiator First Look
We were impressed by the quality of the well-engineered and perfectly fitting Mopar Cold Air Induction Kit. It draws cold, dense air from a cutout in the side of the hood. Although the engine certainly revved freer, it was hard to tell if it added any additional sound or performance gains over the noise of the exhaust. If nothing else, the reusable dry media filter will make filter changes a thing of the past.

Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust System

P/N: 82215642AB
MSRP: $1,250
Photo 18/20   |   018 Mopar Gladiator First Look
This was one of our least favorite accessories on the Mopar Gladiator. While a stainless cat-back, dual-tip, exhaust system sounds like a good idea, we didn't feel like this particular part added anything of value. The tips are positioned in a way that they could get crunched by the bumper coming off a ledge on the trail, and the sounds weren't very satisfying. With a loud, droning exhaust note, it was more annoying than anything. This one is a pass for us.

Spray-on Bedliner

P/N: 68412120AA
MSRP: $495

DECKED Storage System

P/N: 82215594
MSRP: $1,295
Photo 19/20   |   019 Mopar Gladiator First Look
Mopar offers a spray-in bedliner to protect your Gladiator's bed from scratches and impacts. Like just about any other spray-in liner on the market, its highly functional and a recommended addition. Another worthwhile addition is the Mopar-endorsed DECKED storage system. These lockable, weather- and dust-resistant cargo boxes have sliding drawers to secure your gear, and they can support up to 2,000 pounds of payload (more than the Gladiator's payload) on top of them.

Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

P/N: 82215616
MSRP: $950
Photo 20/20   |   020 Mopar Gladiator First Look
If you are looking for the ultimate in bed security and flexibility, the Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau is the way to go. We were impressed by the fit of the lid, as well as the ability to access gear easily from the front or back of the bed. This tonneau is lockable and the tri-fold function means you can leave as much or as little of your bed open for that larger cargo.