Maryland Performance Diesel held its first annual dyno day over the weekend, and its infamous 10-second 6.4L Power Stroke nicknamed "King Kong" cleared 1,485-rwhp on the rollers!...

 But that's not the whole story. After the '10 Ford made an uneventful fuel-only pull, a nasty nitrous backfire blew out a freeze plug on the second run. Then, before the truck had a chance to get too hot, they hit the nitrous again...This time, the S400 under the hood decided it'd had enough nitrous (they were running two .136 jets), and ejected the turbine wheel out the exhaust, but before that happened, the near-1,500-rwhp run was recorded. And being that horsepower was on the rise when all hell broke loose, who knows how much hp could've been made! 1,500? 1,600? We will never know.

 Here is a video of the last dyno attempt.

 In other news, two chassis dynos were on site all day with roughly 50 trucks hitting the rollers. Other high numbers included a 1,000+ hp run from Andy Mulherin, and a Cummins-powered Ford laying down 889 hp.