After nearly two years, Idaho Rob's unofficial 9.36 at 149mph quickest Duramax (full-bodied) time has fallen to Buck Spruill, and his incredibly mean triple turbo Pro Street truck.

 Buck's ride, which uses enormous 80mm turbos as atmospheric chargers, was able to accomplish this feat at nearly 6000 pounds, and without the use of nitrous. "We did everything wrong, and that was still what we ran," said Buck. "We've been chasing problems the whole year before, and I was about fed up with it and ready to park it." Buck continued. "But this whole year we've been running solid 1/8th mile times, so we thought heck, let's try the 1/4." In case you're wondering about horsepower, Buck's 151mph trap speed indicates nearly 1,400hp at the wheels, which would explain why now he's the man to beat! 

As you can see by his friend's video, Buck even pedaled it on the launch, which means there's a lot more left in the truck!

Video: 9.24@151