With more snow and another round of arctic cold weather on the way, make sure you've done everything you can to keep your fuel from gelling...

 I recently got my hands on a preventative diesel additive, as well as a thaw-type additive. The difference? As a general rule of thumb when the weather gets brutally cold, add the recommended amount of a winter blend additive each time you fill your tank. Examples that come to mind are: Amsoil's Diesel Cold Flow, Power Service's Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost, F-Bomb Ice from Power Products Unlimited, and Stanadyne's Winter 1000. Keep in mind that any additive with anti-gel or reduced cold pour point characteristics are better than running no additive at all (such as Industrial Injection's Deuce Juice).

But, you should also keep a thaw-type additive, such as Power Service 911 or Amsoil's Diesel Recovery on hand in case you experience a frozen fuel dilemma. Both products will liquefy (thaw out) gelled, viscous diesel fuel. However, Power Service 911 is strictly for thawing situations (it contains alcohol), while Amsoil Diesel Recovery can be mixed in at each fill up.

*Also, remember to plug in your block heater (with a least a 16-gauge, outdoor extension cord), keep a fresh fuel filter in the backseat, and keep your tank as full as possible.