Who's headed to ATS Diesel's "Let It Roll" dyno day this Saturday?!...

 The festivities kick off at 8 a.m. at ATS's purple palace, with the Mustang chassis dyno dishing out numbers until 6 p.m.

 Dyno competitions with payouts will be held throughout the day, including most horsepower with a stock turbo ($350 for First Place), a single turbo ($350 for First Place), twin turbos ($350 for First Place), and an all-out "Unlimited" class will payout $1,000 for most horsepower on the day.

 In addition, a "Best Wrench" competition will take place, where shops from all across the country will be pitted against each other in a live install competition. ATS will not reveal the product to be installed, but only the truck, which will arrive in stock condition. From there, the product(s) of ATS's choosing will be installed in a timed competition. The installs will happen simultaneously, and will be streamed on YouTube. Judges will make their final decision on the winning shop based on time and the quality of the work performed. The winner also keeps the installed product(s) and is deemed the "Best Wrench" in America. Any attending vendors will be allowed to be honorary judges.