For years, we've been wondering if the EPA and CARB can lead hand and hand with diesel performance, and well, we may have gotten a little bit closer....

 How about a drop in 0-60mph time of 7.7 seconds to 5.9 seconds?

How about keeping your stock air filter and exhaust, including the DPF and megaphone?

Yep, it's true, and Adrenaline Truck Performance showed us first hand.

Despite a rail pressure drop (ahem, lift pump) from 26k to 18k in second gear, the truck still went a whole bunch quicker to 60mph.

The best part (other than being legal?) is 18mpg to 19.2mpg.

Although, your driving habits may vary. Look for more info soon in Diesel Power, and look for the awesome 4wd launch of a brand new truck here.....