Over the weekend, the new, upgraded fuel system made its way onto our 7.3L Power Stroke...

 With install and parts hunting help from our friends at Flynn's Shop, we effectively pieced together our own competition and street-friendly fuel system to support our 300/200 hybrids.

 As you can see here, we parked the system right next to the front fuel tank on the driver's side frame rail. This was done for two reasons: to keep the Aeromotive pump happy (Aeromotive prefers you mount the pump as close to the fuel cell as possible), and so we could mount the fuel system on the highest point of the frame (we don't like droopy, vulnerable fuel systems). In order to pull it off we had to remove the E-brake cable, but we never used it anyway (hey, the truck lives in arguably the flattest part of the Midwest, so parking on hills isn't a concern).

 So far, we've noticed quicker starts, a smoother idle, and soon we'll visit the dyno to try to top our recent best of 538hp with the previous fuel system.