I've always had a soft spot for the old Cummins-powered 89-93 Dodges, but my 89 with its 14mm VE and two stage nitrous has progressed far beyond what most 1st Gen owners are willing to pay for, or deal with.

 With that in mind, I'm looking at starting a new project, based on this clean 1st Gen Dodge that was purchased in the California area.

It's intercooled, which means that from the factory it's only about 130rwhp at best due to its smaller injectors (as opposed to the 89-91 non-i/c trucks).

So the buildup is going to be very basic...replace the stock cracked exhaust manifold with a new one, do intake, exhaust, add some timing, and some larger injectors. We're also planning on seeing how many rpm we can get through increasing throttle travel, rather than taking the pump apart and installing a 3200rpm spring, as many folks seem to muck the install up.

In the end, we're hoping for a solid 250rwhp, which doesn't sound like much, but at only 5500 pounds, it will allow the 20 year old truck to keep up with any of the brand new models, and allow us to retain the stock turbo and transmission.

I'm super excited about this build, and I think it's will accomplish exactly what many 1st Gen owners are looking for.