Have any of you seen pickuptrucks.com's King of Beasts shootout between the '13 Ram 3500 HD and '13 Ford F-450?

 Click here if you haven't. In a nutshell, the folks at PUTC pitted the two biggest and baddest tow vehicles you can buy against each other, testing them at both Davis Dam and up the Eisenhower grade near the Continental Divide. Both trucks were top of the line, $70,000 models. The Ram was a 4x4, dual rear wheel, 1-ton, crew cab with the Laramie Longhorn package. The Ford was a 4x4, dual rear wheel, 1 and a half-ton, crew cab with the Lariat Platinum package. How did each truck fair? You'll have to do some searching (and clicking) to find out. Look for a detailed article on this test in the February issue of the magazine.