The '97 clicked off an 8.00-second eighth-mile at 84 mph last Friday night...

 And even though we hit our goal of running low 8's in the eighth, we can't help but want to tap into the 7-second zone now.

 Subsequent runs (where we tried and tried to break into the 7's) yielded an 8.03 and an 8.04, both at 84 mph, as well as an 8.13-second pass at 85 mph (with a slower, 1.89 60-foot), so the truck is very consistent.

 At 6,930 pounds, our 8.00 E.T. translates into a 12.56-second quarter-mile, and calculates out to 573 hp at the wheels. Our 84.88 mph translates to a little more than 106 mph in the quarter, and puts the truck at 561-rwhp. Once again, we think our time spent at Randall's Performance proved worth it, as we made 555 hp on the company's SuperFlow chassis dyno just one week before getting down the track.

 After weighing the truck (with driver), I went ahead and refueled it, and for grins, hand-calculated the mileage. As you might've imagined, the calculated fuel economy number wasn't the 14-16 mpg average the OBS normally sees. Thanks to the wide-open runs at the dragstrip and the hungry 300/200 hybrids, we saw 8.99 mpg that tank. Still, we were one of only a few vehicles racing that wasn't trailered in, or home.