Staying ahead of rust is vital when you live in the salt-belt...

 Every year, right before the first freeze and an estimated 3.5 million tons of salt is spread throughout the Great Lakes region, I break out the rust reformer and black paint. Since treating my rust problem back in 2009, most of my rust killing efforts these days consist of touching up spots on the frame and under body. However, after scrapping the rear tank on my '97 F-350 recently, I gained access to a whole new, rust-ridden area at the back of the truck--and it needs treated in a BIG way.

 While pulling the rear, steel tank, we discovered it had rusted through and was slowly leaking fuel onto the skid plate beneath it, which was also thoroughly rusting. Instead of replacing the tank, we tossed it (and the skid plate) into the scrap pile. At the time, we were looking to lose some weight before hitting the dragstrip again, anyway, so it worked out well. For now, the front tank appears to be OK, although it too will be receiving some of Rust-Oleum's Rust Rerformer and preventative semi-gloss black paint this weekend.

 Winter, here we come!