Will light duty diesel powertrains be a tough sell for the American public?...

 According to a pickuptrucks.com article today which sources a new Harris Interactive survey, they might be. According to Harris, of the 3,000 people (18 years of age and older) surveyed, nearly 75 percent of them had never been in, or driven a vehicle equipped with a diesel engine.

 Without a doubt, many younger drivers are unfamiliar with diesels, and we have to change that. If the rumors we've been hearing of 50+ mpg Chevy Cruze's and 30+ mpg Jeep Grand Cherokee diesels are true, the facts might speak for themselves.

 Then again, most Americans are used to gasoline. Over the weekend, I browsed through the GM dealership closest to me (in a town of more than 100,000 people) and saw two dozen Chevrolet Cruze sedans on the lot. Only one of them was a diesel. With no one around to talk to (to find out why there was only one)(they were closed), I came to the conclusion that either 1) they were a hot item and were selling as soon as they arrive at the dealership,

2) people simply aren't interested in a diesel Cruze yet, hence why the dealer only keeps one on hand, or 3) GM can't keep dealers supplied with them yet. As a follow up, I'll be taking a peep at this same dealership again in the next couple weeks to see if any more diesel Cruze's how up. If I keep seeing the same diesel Cruze there, I guess I'll get the answer I don't really want.