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May 2015 Truck Sales – GM, Tacoma Surge, Ford Falls
Combined Silverado, Sierra Sales Top F-Series
Edward A. SanchezJun 2, 2015
Truck Trend truck reviews
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland EcoDiesel Long-Term Report Part 3
As reflected by our report average of 21.4 mpg (down from 23.09 in our last report), you can see that we worked our Grand Cherokee a little harder than usual since the last check-in.
Sean P. HolmanJun 2, 2015
Work Truck features
Driving Three Ford F-59 Alternative-Fuel Options
The 2015 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis is the nation’s largest convention of work truck manufacturers and equipment suppliers so, naturally, it’s the perfect place for companies to show off their greatest technologies.
Brett T. EvansJun 2, 2015
Truck Trend news
2016 BMW X1: First Look
BMW is giving its X1 subcompact crossover a full makeover for the 2016 model year. Gone is the outgoing X1’s sports-wagon physique, replaced by an SUV profile.
Brett T. EvansJun 2, 2015
Diesel Power features
Deutz TCD 16.0L V-8 Agricultural Diesel Engine
Deutz continues to break from convention with powerful diesel engines such as the TCD 16.0 V-8 that produces 697 hp and 2,132 lb-ft of torque in its configuration for agricultural use seen here.
Trevor ReedJun 2, 2015
Truck Trend news
Ford Cuts Summer 2015 Shutdown on High Demand for Trucks, SUVs
Two Week Break Cut to One, 40,000 Additional Units Expected
Jun 1, 2015
Truck Trend news
Third GMC “Precision” Ad Hits the Airwaves
The third ad in GMC’s “Precision” series hit YouTube and television today, comparing classic men’s fashion to the company’s range-topping Yukon Denali.
Brett T. EvansJun 1, 2015
Truck Trend features
Epic Road Tests - The Driver’s Seat
If there’s one thing that I love more than anything else about this job, it would be getting the opportunity to road test some pretty amazing vehicles.
Jason GondermanJun 1, 2015
Truckin how to
CT Sounds and LMC Truck add Serious Sound to a GMC Sierra
After 13 years, all of the stock speakers were rotted and the head unit was lacking many of the features we have become spoiled with in our other trucks.
Jeremy CookJun 1, 2015
Diesel Power how to
Adding 200 Horsepower To A Potent LMM Duramax Diesel
In the diesel performance realm, it’s not uncommon for general repair items to morph into high-horsepower builds. Case in point, this ’09 GMC Sierra came into Flynn’s Shop in Alexander, Illinois.
Mike McGlothlinJun 1, 2015
8-Lug cool trucks
2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab: The Reaper
Kenda Proper is one of those ladies, but her four-wheel-drive, Cummins-powered ’06 Dodge Ram is far from ladylike.
Brad StillwellJun 1, 2015
Truck Trend news
Mercedes-Benz Campaign Features Plenty of Jurassic World Cameos
Mercedes-Benz recently launched a huge digital campaign highlighting its vehicles' involvement in "Jurassic World," focusing heavily on the GLE Coupe.
Brett T. EvansMay 29, 2015
Truck Trend truck reviews
2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport First Drive - On- and Off-Road Mastery
While the ’15 Land Rover Discovery Sport is more urban-oriented than its siblings, the plucky CUV didn’t shy away from any of the challenges presented by the rugged terrain of southwestern Iceland.
Jason GondermanMay 29, 2015
Truck Trend news
Jaguar Planning Larger Range Rover-Based SUV
"J-Pace" Expected to Offer Two Wheelbases, Plug-In Hybrid
Edward A. SanchezMay 29, 2015
Diesel Power how to
Two-Day Transformation Of A 2012 Ram 2500
While the 6.7L Cummins-equipped rig’s performance has never disappointed Mike, he wants the truck to stand out from the crowd of other chromed-out stock Laramie editions on the roads.
Trevor ReedMay 29, 2015
Truckin how to
Building A Custom Bed For A 2014 Chevy Silverado
Tailgate parties have a lot to live up to when compared to this setup that was custom built in the bed of this ’14 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 1500 4x4 destined to be given away as part of a recent Texaco promotion.
Anthony SoosMay 29, 2015
Truck Trend news
Production of Aluminum Ford F-150 Hampered by Steel Frame Shortage
Shortage Has Cancelled Weekend, Overtime Shifts
Edward A. SanchezMay 29, 2015
Truck Trend news
FCA Cuts 2016 Powertrain Warranty to Five Year, 60,000 Miles
Move Follows GM, "Consistent with Industry Practices"
Edward A. SanchezMay 28, 2015
Work Truck how to
Cummins NV4500 South Bend Dual Disc Clutch Upgrade - Holding Power
There are several aftermarket clutch options to choose from for these trucks, but only a couple offer a substantial upgrade from stock without the cost, noise, driveability, and pedal effort considerations of a full-blown competition clutch.
Ben BattlesMay 28, 2015


Cool Trucks

8-Lug Magazine
2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab: The Reaper

Kenda Proper is one of those ladies, but her four-wheel-drive, Cummins-powered ’06 Dodge Ram is far from ladylike.

Brad StillwellJune 1, 2015



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