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Diesel Power features
2017 Diesel Power Challenge Voting
Readers Set the Field for Diesel Power Challenge XIII
KJ JonesFeb 23, 2017
8-Lug features
Caramel Bronze 2013 Ford F-250 from 8 Lug Customs
Sweet Tooth
Joe GreevesFeb 23, 2017
8-Lug features
2000 Chevy Dualie Tow Pig gets the job done in style
Laid-Out 2000 Chevy Tow Pig Gets the Job Done in Style
Phil GordonFeb 23, 2017
Truck Trend Network news
Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk Headed to U.K. Showrooms
Arriving in U.K. showrooms today, the 2017 Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk is a limited-edition model based on the popular compact crossover.
Brett T. EvansFeb 23, 2017
8-Lug features
2014 Ram 3500 Mega Cab: Project Mega Limitless RBP SEMA Truck
A Great White ’14 Ram 3500 From the Great White North
Eddie MaloneyFeb 23, 2017
8-Lug news
8 Lug and Work Truck News
8-Lug News
Tori TellemFeb 23, 2017
Work Truck news
UPS Demonstrates Truck-Based Drone System for Rural Deliveries
System Designed to Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency on Rural Routes
Edward A. SanchezFeb 22, 2017
Truck Trend Network news
J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study Gives Honors to F-150, GM Brands
J.D. Power has released its 2017 Vehicle Dependability Study, giving honors to the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado HD, among others.
Brett T. EvansFeb 22, 2017
Truck Trend Network news
Range Rover Velar Fleshes Out Luxury SUV Lineup
Jaguar Land Rover officially announced an all-new model today, the Range Rover Velar, sized to put the hurt on the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLC.
Brett T. EvansFeb 21, 2017
Truck Trend Network news
Ford Working on Voice and Facial Recognition Software to Detect Driver Mood
Ford is working on technology to help its cars discern their owners’ moods using facial recognition and vocal inflection. Call it science non-fiction.
Brett T. EvansFeb 21, 2017
Diesel Power news
Rumor: FCA Working on New I-6 Diesels
Engines Could be Used in ProMaster, Ram 1500, Jeep Models
Edward A. SanchezFeb 21, 2017
Diesel Power how to
Diesel Tech Questions
You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!
Bruce W. SmithFeb 20, 2017
Truck Trend Network news
Rebates Increasing To Move Glut of SUVs
Once-Hot Segment Slowing Down
Edward A. SanchezFeb 17, 2017
8-Lug features
2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab Road King
A Show-Off Mega Cab With Hemi Power and Off-Road Swagger
Brett T. EvansFeb 17, 2017
Truck Trend Network news
AEV Announces Final Run of Wrangler JK Brute Pickups
Order Deadline is March 31 for Special-Edition Pickups
Edward A. SanchezFeb 16, 2017
Truck Trend Network news
Jaguar Introduces New Ingenium Gas Engine for 2018 F-Pace
The Jaguar Ingenium family of engines is expanding for 2018, bringing an all-new 2.0L turbocharged I-4 to the F-Pace.
Brett T. EvansFeb 16, 2017
Truckin features
1957 Chevy Stepside: Relentless Refinement
After a Quarter Century, This Truck Gets Better With Age
Joe GreevesFeb 16, 2017
Truckin features
2002 Dodge Ram- The Blue Menace
You Can’t Take This Away
Phil GordonFeb 16, 2017
Truck Trend Network news
Rumor: 5.7L Hemi to be Discontinued in 2018
Reports of Surplus Production as Engine is Being Phased Out
Edward A. SanchezFeb 15, 2017
Truck Trend features
Truck Trend Letters to the Editor
Emissions Check
Jason GondermanFeb 15, 2017

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Jason Torchia Built a Stunning 1999 Ford F-150, and it’s not Staying Stock!

While clearly some promises have been stretched to their limit, Torchia broke the mold with this build.

Anthony SoosNovember 15, 2016



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