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Automatic Transmission Tech
As Ram, Ford, and GM pickup truck diesel engines evolved over the years, so have the automatic transmissions that back these impressive powerplants. The purpose of this report is to give you our insights on the automatics that Dodge/Ram, Ford, and GM have installed in diesel pickups from 1989 to present.
Jason SandsOct 13, 2015
RV news
Fiat Ducato 4x4 Expedition Camper Show Van Appears at UK Trade Show
Fiat Professional, the team responsible for the Ducato van, cooked up a very interesting 4x4 camper concept for the 2015 Motorhome and Caravan Show.
Brett T. EvansOct 13, 2015
Diesel Power news
Volkswagen Going to SCR for All Diesels, Will Increase Electric R&D
Shift In Strategy Major Change from Previous Pro-Diesel Stance
Edward A. SanchezOct 13, 2015
Diesel Power features
The MTU 8V 199 Diesel Engine for the Scout SV Armored Fighting Vehicle - Torque
In 2015, Rolls-Royce received a 3.9-plus-billion-dollar order for delivery of 589 of its MTU 8V 199 diesel engines for the British Army’s all-new Scout Specialist Vehicle. In this configuration, the twin-turbocharged V-8 is tuned to make 820 hp along with an impressive 2,212 lb-ft of torque for the battlefield.
Trevor ReedOct 13, 2015
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Diesel Tech Questions: White Smoke
White smoke can mean a few different things, but it shouldn't be that hard to narrow down. If it is smoking out the tailpipe, that means that either coolant or a bunch of excess fuel is getting into the combustion chamber, or the engine is low on compression.
Jason SandsOct 12, 2015
Work Truck news
Ford Converts Transit into Mobile Kitchen for Salvation Army
A Ford Transit 350HD is hitting the streets of Washington, D.C., serving in The Salvation Army as a mobile kitchen for the city’s homeless.
Brett T. EvansOct 12, 2015
Diesel Power news
Important News About Diesel Power Challenge 2016
Addressing changes to the Diesel Power Challenge.
KJ JonesOct 12, 2015
Truckin features
Busted Knuckles-1972 Chevrolet C-10 - Ol' Girl
One father's lessons for his son has led the way to an awesome custom creation.
Phil GordonOct 12, 2015
Diesel Power features
Readers' Diesels - January 2016
Readers of Diesel Power submit photos and list upgrades made to their diesel trucks.
Trevor ReedOct 11, 2015
Diesel Power how to
Diesel Tech Questions
Diesel questions and answers concerning budget lift pumps, fuel economy, and lowering.
Jason SandsOct 10, 2015
Truck Trend news
2016 Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave Recalled for Windshield Wiper
The owners of the 2016 Traverse, Acadia, and Enclave will want to check to see if their vehicles have been recalled due to a faulty windshield wiper motor.
Brett T. EvansOct 9, 2015
Truck Trend news
Flatfender Jeep Club Takes on Colorado Fall Colors
A crew of flatfender Jeep fans crawling through the mountain towns of the Central Colorado Rockies is our idea of a perfect fall vacation.
Brett T. EvansOct 9, 2015
Truck Trend news
New Tentative Deal Reached Between FCA, UAW – Workers Skeptical
On Eve of Strike Deadline, New Tentative Deal Struck
Edward A. SanchezOct 8, 2015
Truck Trend news
Mitsubishi eX is an All-Electric Crossover Concept for Tokyo Motor Show
To celebrate 50 years of electric-vehicle research, Mitsubishi is bringing an eX crossover concept to the Tokyo Motor Show.
Brett T. EvansOct 8, 2015
Truck Trend future trucks
Caught! 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Nearly Nude!
Best Look Yet At Production-Bound Model
Edward A. SanchezOct 8, 2015
Work Truck how to
How to Troubleshoot a Battery Failure
Taking care to troubleshoot systematically, thoroughly, and logically.
Scott ThompsonOct 8, 2015
Diesel Power news
Volkswagen to Delay New Model Development, Focus on Diesel Fix
Volkswagen AG will delay or cancel non-essential research and development to save money and resources for the ongoing 2.0L TDI diesel scandal.
Brett T. EvansOct 7, 2015
Truck Trend news
Ford Guy Posts Sand-Happy Troller Photos on Twitter
Ford Trucks' communications manager posted photos of the Brazilian-market Troller SUV playing in the sand yesterday on Twitter, igniting a firestorm of rumors.
Brett T. EvansOct 7, 2015
Truck Trend features
Midsize Fantasy Build: V-8 Colorado, EcoBoost Ranger, 5.7L Tacoma, Cummins Frontier
We Daydream About the Midsizers We’d Like to See Built
Edward A. SanchezOct 7, 2015
Truck Trend news
Strike Notices Posted in FCA’s Largest Transmission Plant
Local Warns Strike Could Happen Midnight Wednesday
Edward A. SanchezOct 6, 2015


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Busted Knuckles-1972 Chevrolet C-10 - Ol' Girl

One father's lessons for his son has led the way to an awesome custom creation.

Phil GordonOctober 12, 2015



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