From the logbook
"The big moonroof can be enjoyed by the front and rear occupants. Aluminum interior trim has a great look; too bad there isn't more of it in the X3's sea of black interior. An ultimate driving machine should have some power, but the 2.5-liter in this two-ton vehicle just isn't up to the task."
-John Matthius "Why put up with the poor ride and less room when you could have just as much versatility with an AWD 3 or 5 Series wagon? Here's what happens when you make a BMW out of an SUV."
-Angus MacKenzie

"The X3 is fairly compact compared with the larger X5, but it doesn't feel too tight. Why does this relatively small six-cylinder engine require expensive premium fuel?"
-John Kiewicz

"The X3 is now officially my daughter's favorite look at the DVD system, and she showed up for our drive with 'The Lion King' in hand. 'Daddy, drive around please, it's not over yet.' Need to chuck a bunch of those over-priced options (my daughter won't be pleased) and get the price down to the low/mid-$30s."
-Arthur St. Antoine

Our Car
Base price $30,995
Premium package $3700
Navigation system $1800
Sport package $1500
Black leather $1450
Automatic transmission $1275
Xenon headlights $800
Cold weather package $750
Parking assist $700
Premium sound system $675
Metallic paint $475
Privacy glass $350
Power mirrors $250
Luggage net $150
Sat radio prep $75
MSRP, as tested $44,945
Avg fuel economy 17.7
Problem areas Parking-assist, audio- system hiccup
Normal-wear cost $0 (oil and filter, washer fluid, air filter)
Current value, wholesale/retail $26,000/$34,700
Recalls source: None