Staff comments in the logbook praise the roll-down rear window, lack of serious body roll (especially considering the vehicle’s size), huge cargo capacity (with seats removed), minimum road noise, and high-quality fit and finish inside and out. Negative feedback is limited to remarks about the skinny steering wheel, lack of rollers on the removable seats (hard to take in and out), and a driver’s seat that doesn’t go far enough back to suit 6-ft-plus drivers. Our editors also feel a large vehicle such as this demands a rear back-up sensor system as standard equipment.

Much is in store for our Sequoia as we plan to continue flogging it around the Southern California area. We’ll let you know how she holds up in future issues.

2001 Toyota Sequoia
Engine 4.7L DOHC V-8
Miles 5079
EPA fuel economy, city/hwy, mpg 14/17
Actual average fuel economy, mpg 13.3
Average cost per fill-up $27.72
Average cost per gal $1.97
Average distance (miles) per fill-up 190.81
Number of services 1 (5000-mile service)
Total service costs $61.93