With the warmer months behind us, we finally gave our long-term Ram Heavy Duty a breather. It spent months towing boats to the reservoir and camp trailers to the mountains; and it hauled a couple of giant landscaping projects from nursery to front yard, all the while frightening the neighbors with the throaty sound of the Hemi's exhaust.

But it wouldn't be kosher to let our work truck rest for too long. Thus, Online Editorial Director Jeff Bartlett put the HD to the test towing a newly purchased 1980 LT-1-powered Corvette from Texas to Florida. The Hemi completed the task with ease and confidence, impressing the driver with its strong brakes despite the extra weight. It was the perfect truck for the job and helped Bartlett safely deliver his vintage toy to its new home.

A recent visit to the dealer for scheduled maintenance resulted in an oil and filter change, rotating and balancing the tires, and a replacement of the interior driver-side grab handle (it came loose during normal use for no apparent reason, but was covered under warranty). So far, fuel mileage has been less than great, yet you'll hear no complaints about the glut of on-tap power at the expense of all the fuel guzzling.

The sheer size of this behemoth makes for interesting navigation through bustling parking lots, forcing our editors to search extra hard for those rare but cherished pull-through spaces.

There's no shortage of chores planned for the rest of the Ram's time with us, including random job-site drive-bys, just so we can watch the workers stop, listen, and stare jealously at our prized workhorse.

"This Dodge's freeway ride is smoother and not as jolty as the competitors' heavy-duties. Steering and acceleration response are well-tuned and surprisingly impressive for a truck this powerful."
--Danny King