We'd hoped for better fuel economy. We were told we should see up to a 13-percent improvement from an equally optioned extended cab, but we couldn't find it. Over the truck's 15,000 miles, we averaged 14.3 mpg, getting a best of 15.2 on several long hauls. Maybe this shouldn't surprise us; many of the Hybrid's benefits will be enjoyed by those who do a lot of start-and-stop city driving, where killing the engine at long street lights or between work sites will help.

We were surprised at how much the hybrid system cost. The laundry list of required add-ons because of the gas/electric system is too long to list here (it's in our March/April 2005 issue), bringing our as-tested price to just under $38,000--a hefty price to pay by any measure. Bottom line: This is all truck, with plenty of electrical benefits, but we never got used to the quirky startups.

2004 Chevrolet Silverado LS Hybrid
Price $37,743
Engine 5.3L OHV 16-valve V-8 plus electric motor
Miles 15,101
EPA, city/hwy 17/19
Observed average mpg 15.67
Observed worst mpg 12.2
Observed best mpg 23.24
Average distance per fill-up223
Average cost per gallon $2.47
Average cost per fill-up $30.95
Number of services 1
Overall service cost $41.32