On a road trip to Las Vegas, Truck Trend editor Mark Williams took the Jeep out on some open 4x4 areas and found that, even with the BFG mud tires at full pressure (37 psi), they were digging and grabbing the loose dirt with ease. Williams also appreciated the Wrangler's 4:1 low-range ratio, which gave him plenty of torque feel and quick revs, as well as the anti-roll bar disconnect button and the rear differential locker. Of course, as good as the Wrangler is off-road, it's less so on-road. "This is as much a single-purpose vehicle as any sports car, just in the opposite direction," opines Williams. "Not only is the vehicle twitchy on the highway on a good day, but combine the slab-sided body panels with mud tires and a lot of wind, and you have a tense driving experience."

2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
15.0 mpg/1.29 lb/mi