While its first maintenance was modest -- just $52.42 -- its second was not. At just over 18,000 miles, the CR-V visited Miller Honda in Culver City for the second time, which included the same oil change, full inspection, and tire rotation as in the initial visit. But this stop entailed replacing the engine air filter, the A/C pollen filter, and the axle fluid, all of which boosted the cost to $436.55. Still, the CR-V keeps growing on us. "Even the oddball styling isn't really an issue anymore," observes online associate editor Kirill Ougarov. "The package is just too good -- gobs of cargo space, good rear visibility, and a small footprint make it a great city vehicle. The only things I'd put on my wish list are more power and auto-off headlights."

2007 Honda CR-V
Months/miles in service10/15,918
Avg econ/CO221.9 mpg/0.89 lb/mi
Unresolved problemsNone
Maintenance cost$488.97 (2 oil change/inspection/rotate tires, 1 air-filter change, axle-fluid change, A/C pollen filter change)
Normal-wear cost$0