Of course, the RDX deserves additional compliments for its responsive paddle shifters, a cavernous back seat, communicative steering and brakes, and 12 months of no problems or glitches. But it warrants a few extra criticisms, as well. For instance, many felt the 2.3-liter turbo drank too much premium gas, defeating the fuel-sipping advantages of a small-displacement four-cylinder engine. Indeed, at 17.7 mpg, our observed fuel economy in the RDX was no better than that of our I-6-powered long-term BMW X3. This, naturally, begs the question: Given no real apparent fuel-economy advantage, would Acura have been better off using the TL's silky-smooth naturally aspirated 3.2-liter V-6 instead of the bungee-cord powerband turbo four?

Several editors also thought the RDX's $37,165 price tag, even including the feature-rich Technology Package, was too steep, certainly considering it lacked such simple premium bits as automatic headlamps and hood struts. And while the RDX's normal-wear tally for one year and 27,914 miles cost us not a dime, its maintenance total-$692.52 for four oil changes, tire rotations, and full inspections, and one rear axle-fluid change-was more than that of our long-term full-size GMC Yukon, which ran us $484.72, albeit for 20,076 miles of service.

Now that the RDX is gone, many on the team feel its absence, mostly for the rally-car charm, unbeatable reliability, and small-on-the-outside/big-on-the-inside proportions. Others, however, have bid adieu with nary an ounce of melancholy. Perhaps they just need some new Vuarnets.

From The Logbook

"I do appreciate a distinctive automobile on its own merits, and if I'm spending this much on a vehicle, I'd at least like it to look good sitting in my garage. Not once have I ever given the RDX 'the look back' as I'm walking away from its parking spot."
- Rory Jurnecka

"If I'm going to have to drive a sport/ute, I'd rather it be something like the RDX, a vehicle that you can easily maneuver, has a sporty appearance and attitude, and drives much more like a car."
- Mike Floyd

"It's obviously significant that Acura has put a turbo on one of its four-cylinders, but I'm not convinced it was the right way to go by putting it in this inherently heavy SUV rather than one of its sedans."
- Brian Vance

"This would be the perfect CUV for people who love sports cars."
- Melissa Spiering

Our Car
Base price $33,665
Options Technology Package ($3500: navigation with backup camera and real-time traffic, Bluetooth, 10-speaker surround-sound premium audio, solar-sensing dualzone automatic climate control)
MSRP, as tested $37,165
Total mileage 27,914
Avg econ/CO2 17.7 mpg
Problem areas None
Maintenance cost $692.52
Normal-wear cost $0
3-year residual value * $17,468
Recalls None
*Automotive Lease Guide Data