Motor Trend: He delivered to Mrs. Pacer's house, too, as I remember. Next subject. You also seemed to have taken a lot of vacation time. A 900-mile fishing trip with Ron Kiino and his pals? Another driver took you "up the Angeles Crest Highway for a weekend of debauchery with some friends." Policy states our vacation allowance very clearly.

CR-V: Adventure is part of what I am, for Pete's sake. Honda's all-wheel-drive technology is so transparent it's really easy for drivers to do a little off-light roading or head to the ski slopes.

Motor Trend: You've been described as "fully loaded" on these escapades.

CR-V: Gads, they're talking about my equipment level. I have a navigation system with voice recognition and back-up camera. Leather everything. XM satellite radio. A tilt moonroof. A 262-watt, seven-speaker sound system with a six-disc changer MP3 jack. I can't believe this.

Motor Trend: his sounds like some of the whining reported about you. Let's see "...a high-pitched electronic whine that first comes in around 40 mph, and then around 70-80 mph. You have to be reasonably quiet (no radio on) to hear it. But annoying as hell."

CR-V: I'm calling an attorney.

Motor Trend: But there are also some laudatory comments about your interior here too: "Far and away the best in class. Very high-end materials." Another wrote: "Arguably the most refined, well-built small crossover out there-this thing feels so solid and tight." You seem to have made a lot of friends here after all.

CR-V: So can I stay?

Motor Trend: No.

From the Logbook

"At around 3500 pounds, the CR-V is a bit of a heavyweight. But on the bright side, the 2.4 is very refined, and it's no slouch-high in the rev range, it delivers decent power. Plus, the five-speed auto is quite nice, although I would welcome a manual mode."
- Ron Kiino

"The CR-V's tires had a tendency follow freeway rain grooves. It could become squirmy-feeling, very unsettling, even when you recognize what's going on."
- Kim Reynolds

"Ergonomics are great. I like the openness between the center console and the dash, the double glovebox, and the two-tier cargo hold, which makes stacking light and heavy items possible. For a small sport/ute, the CR-V feels very large inside-tons of room all around."
- Ed Loh

Our Car
Base price $26,935
Options Navigation ($1700)
MSRP, as tested $28,635
Total mileage 21,427
Avg fuel economy 21.7 mpg
Problem areas None
Maintenance cost $0
Normal-wear cost $5 (windshield wiper blades)
Recalls None