From The Logbook

"It's not one to take over the rocks or into deep mud, but I'd gladly have this for a long drive, especially one that could include a detour on curvy two-lane highways."
- Allyson Harwood

"Love the constantly updating gear display. Instead of just showing 'D,' it always reveals what gear the transmission is currently in-useful when you're thinking of pulling the lever into manual mode and want to know what gear you'll get first."
- Arthur St. Antoine

"The CX-9's AWD was reassuring on the few gravel roads we meandered onto, its side mirrors are big, there's plenty of power, the six-speed transmission is a silky wonder, and the interior is relentlessly attractive."
- Kim Reynolds

"The CX-9 seems an acceptable substitute for an Audi Q7-it's almost as good to drive and almost as stylish for much less money."
- Rory Jurnecka

Our Car
Base price $35,250
Options Rear Seat Entertainment System ($2560: Bose audio, DVD, in-dash six-CD chgr, 115 V outlet); GT Assist Package ($2500:nav, rearview camera, power hatch, Bluetooth); Towing Package ($525), Sirius radio ($430), Auto-Dimming mirror ($275)
MSRP, as tested $41,540
Total mileage 37,248
Avg fuel economy 17.0 mpg
Problem areas Satellite radio
Maintenance cost $617.01
Normal-wear cost $491
Three-year residual value* $19,524
Recalls None
*Automotive Lease Guide