But like a scrappy welterweight, the 3396-pound long-termer pushed on. Current editor-at-large Ron Kiino embarked on his annual fishing expedition in California's eastern Sierras and decided to pass on the larger utility vehicles in our fleet. After the Tucson's rear seats were folded down to bump cargo volume to 55.8 cubic feet, he packed two ice chests, four fishing rods, two duffel bags, two sets of waders and boots, and two deflated float tubes. His final judgment on the storage capacity? "Not too shabby, but there wasn't a lot of room to spare. On the bright side, the Tucson forces you to pack (and purchase) wisely." And when he wasn't on the water, the transmission was a plus. "The Tucson's tranny is smooth, and I especially like how fluidly the gearshift moves between the gates, as if the whole assembly is coated in Teflon."

From The Logbook

"The steering wheel controls are a great feature of the Tucson, which I'm finding an attractive, relatively capable little crossover, although I do have some minor niggles with it so far. Its smallish 14.5-gallon fuel tank limits range (you'd be hard-pressed to go more than 300 miles on a fill-up), and the seating position is too high for my tastes."
Mike Floyd

"From the large and 'angry' front grille to the cool row of LEDs that light up at night when you unlock the car, the Tucson does its best to make you feel good about what you're driving. As a bonus, the Tucson's unintimidating horn is amusing when you hear its chirp after pressing the lock button twice."
Zach Gale

"I wouldn't take it on a super-remote wilderness trail, but as an everyday driver for those who want a not-too-spendy SUV, it does the job nicely."
Emiliana Sandoval

Our Vehicle
Base Price $26,640
Options Premium Package ($2850: Panoramic sunroof, navigation system, rearview camera, premium audio);Carpeted Floor Mats ($100)
Price as tested $29,590
Total mileage 21,345 mi
Avg fuel economy 22.0 mpg
Problem areas None
Maintenance cost $120.92
Normal-wear cost $0
3-year residual value* $11,398
*Automotive Lease Guide