Chevrolet's 2002 TrailBlazer is drawing rave reviews for its 270-hp inline-six. Fortunately, for the five million or so previous-model S-series owners, there are options available that'll prevent them from feeling too old or too slow. Introducing Project Blazer--a tastefully styled and highly modified take on the '95-'01 Blazer/Jimmy/Bravada/Envoy. Call it a more refined and less compromising younger brother to the GMC Typhoon.

The Look
Outside, the biggest changes for this 1999 4x4 are obvious. The Stillen urethane front-bumper cover lends a much more aggressive yet cleaner complexion to the Blazer's nose. The chrome center strip was painted body-color red to keep things consistent (you'll also notice the gold Chevy emblem has been replaced by a black and red number from an SS-packaged pickup). On top, the fiberglass ram-air hood from Ctech Industries makes this Blazer unique and aids in cooler breathing for the engine (the Powerstack filter resides just inside the opening, creating a near ram-air setup).

On each side, the clunky black side mirrors have been replaced by Stillen XL Sports. These lower-profile units plug directly into the factory wiring harnesses, retaining the stock power controls. Around the Blazer, all chrome pieces, side moldings, and badges have been removed. The missing Chevrolet emblem on the rear tailgate has been swapped out for a small supercharged piece originally designated for the rump of a Buick Riviera. All paint and body work was performed by Passwater's Auto Specialists in Indianapolis.

Headlights have been upgraded with APC's Plasma Xenon Super White Bulbs that simulate HID output. If that's not enough, two pairs of APC 55-watt halogen driving lights are integrated into the Stillen front spoiler and wired up to the factory foglight switch. For those keeping score, there are no fewer than 10 separate bulbs turning day into night on the front of this beast, eight of which may be used simultaneously (not that we recommend that sort of thing). It's worth mentioning that in a foggy rainstorm at night, the low-slung amber units in the bumper guided the way easily and without a single flash from oncoming traffic.

A set of EGR urethane fender flares enhances the truck's stance and provides some much-needed muscle tone to the Blazer's notoriously tall and skinny physique. Filling up those bulging fenders is a set of 17-in. Gara Series 122 wheels from the Tire Rack, while the tepid, stock 235-75 all-season rollers have been swapped out for Bridgestone Dueler HP high-performance street-truck tires (265/60-17 front, 275/60-17 rear).