Altima CoupeAltima Sedan
Height55.3 57.9
Track f/r60.7/60.461.0/61.0

As to how it handle the road, I found the coupe chassis firm enough through the corners (yet clearly on the soft side of 350Z firm), maybe even a little better than the sedan, yet challenged when trying to deal with various expansion joints in the pavement. Nissan has done a tremendous job of reducing the inherent torque steer of a front drive vehicle, probably better than anyone else in the segment. Steering feel is predictable and sure, but still falls a tad short of the "athletic" descriptor some of our Nissan hosts were pushing. In our mind, there is a slight disconnect with a vehicle that is suppose to look sporty but doesn't offer a sport package, yet the manufacturers want to emphasize its athletic performance. No doubt the impetus for the coupe was a business case made on the premise of several cost-saving strategies. Regardless, the car will make the right buyer happy as a solid cross between concern for fuel economy and a sporty car intention. Base pricing will start at $22,000, with fully loaded V-6 models reaching for the $30K mark. Just think about how much pickup truck you could get for the same money.