It also turned heads at the track, where the Super Snake went from zero to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds, and completed the quarter mile in 14.3 seconds at 96.9 mph. Braking took 126 feet. This compares with an 8.1-second zero-to-60 time in our long-term four-wheel-drive SuperCrew F-150 (not exactly the same layout, but as close as we could get for this story). The long-term truck completed the quarter mile in 16.2 seconds at 87.5 mph.

Because the Super Snake is based on the previous-generation F-150 (2003-2008 models), you can't just buy the completed truck from Shelby. However, if you own this generation of F-150, you can have the entire setup installed at Shelby Auto's facility in Las Vegas -- or if you only want some of the goodies, the power and styling features can be installed as individual items.