Quigley History

William (Bill) Quigley started the business in 1966, in Manchester, Pennsylvania, as a used light pickup business; he also sold pop-up campers and provided sales and service. Previously, he had been a salesman in a Ford dealership working with cars. When he noticed that few salesmen knew about trucks, he began to focus on them, as he enjoyed making a sale. After moving to a GM dealership, he started his own business. As son Mike joined him in 1968 following his service in the Vietnam War, they moved from trucks to conversion vans and interior conversions, appreciating that van are sealed against the elements.

In 1974, Mike convinced his dad to build a 4WD van, thinking of hunters, boaters, and outdoor sportsmen, as well as others with a need for back-country traction. As they outgrew the old shop, they developed a new facility in 1995. Nephew Todd started at the company at 15, as a way to save money to buy a car. He took out the trash and mowed the lawn. After getting an engineering degree at Pittsburg State University, he came back full time in 1999.

"If you have a van and need to get into a site or live in an area of inclement weather, it is a tool," said Todd Quigley. "A van has security with 4WD, and is a better application than a pickup truck for many customers."

Now also in the driveshaft business, Quigley found that driveshaft quality was lacking in the industry, and started an association with Rausch Creek Off Road Park, where Quigley had used the rigorous back country trails for field testing (see RCORP sidebar). "We have been a sponsor of the park for three years; all the park's trucks have our driveshafts and advertise our product. Quigley can provide driveshafts for cars and light to heavy-duty trucks, up to and including the 810 Spicer Series.


Nissan: $10,895

GM: $11,195 (Gas Engine Cargo/Passenger Van 159" and 177" CAW); $11,495 (Diesel Engine Cargo/Passenger Van 159" and 177" CAW); $12,295 (139" WB CAW)

Ford: $11,795 (5.4L and E-350 SRW CAW);$12,195 (6.8L & E-350/E-450 DRW CAW)

Other Unique Quigley Models

* An Amish farmer uses a rake on the back of a van to plow his fields
* The national science museum sent 24 units to Antarctica
* Helped a man on Long Island use a front-mounted, reverse rake to groom the beach

Quigley Motor Company, Inc.
100 Sunset Drive
Manchester, PA 17345

Rausch Creek Offroad Park
Rausch Creek Off Road Park is devoted to providing a fun, legal place for 4x4 off road clubs and organizations to go "wheeling." (It is not open to quads and bikes.) The park consists of almost 3000 acres of easy, intermediate, and hard trails. Rocks, bowls, hills, the glacial "Rock Creek," club-friendly trails, and free on-site camping combine to make Rausch Creek a unique 4x4 destination. The minimum group size is two vehicles.

Open Year-Round
April-November: Open Fri-Sat-Sun
Dec-Mar: Open Saturday and Sunday
Weekdays open by reservation.
All camping is by reservation.

453 Molleystown Rd
Tremont, PA 17981
(570) 695-3900
GPS Coordinates:
N40* 36.5074'
W76* 26.9170'