Hamann has had some interesting titles for its creations: Volcano, Imperator, Thunder, Typhoon, and Tycoon among them. There's even a Porsche called the San Diego Express. But now it's time to make way for the Conqueror II, a Range Rover Sport-based model boasting some serious power. Try 560 supercharged horses.

To get to that super car-rivaling figure, Hamann's engineers mate the stock 510-horsepower 5.5-liter blown V-8 with a new ECU and sport exhaust system. Sounds simple enough, right? Torque jumps to 552 pound-feet from 461 pound-feet.

Wheel arches and a lowered stance make it all the more menacing. The 23-inch matte black (and aptly named) Unique Forged Anodized wheels add plenty of street cred, too. Just don't go off-roading.

Front, side, and rear aerodynamic replacements tell passersby that this is no ordinary RRS, while a carbon fiber clad interior does the same for passengers.

Source: Hamann