From the Logbook
"The Allison transmission in tow/haul mode does a spectacular job of engine braking and holding gears when slowing and climbing. With the Duramax, high altitude has no perceivable effect on performance. This rig delivers a comfortable 400-mile cruising range--better than just about anything out there."--Mark Williams

"There's nothing that'll make you feel more manly than the 2500HD, which would be considered a commercial-grade truck anywhere but here in the U.S. It delivers quite a bouncy, harsh ride unloaded, but that firm suspension also delivers surprisingly good handling characteristics." --Chris Walton

"This Chevrolet works great and drives well, with good space and comfort inside. But the [diesel] racket would wear me out."--Kevin Smith

"Gotta love that torque." --David Newhardt

"Consider my Kenworth fantasy satisfied. This is one heck of a hauler that makes child's play out of heavy loads and messy launch ramps." --Scott Mead

"This three-quarter-ton consumer truck will do everything the stark medium-duty haulers of a generation or so ago could do. The Duramax amazes me. It's quiet on the cruise and delivers good fuel mileage for such a large, heavy, 4WD truck. Off-road, the robust torque, easy-to-modulate throttle, excellent 4WD, and Allison tranny allow the HD to climb hills so steep you can see only sky and does it without working up a sweat. For weekend activities that include towing on a regular basis, I can't imagine a better tool to get the job done." --Matt Stone