Since we plan on some heavy hauling, the 4.10:1 axle ratio (a whopping $50 upgrade) was a must, as were the limited-slip differential ($285) and protective bedliner ($245). With $795 in destination charges, our out-the-door price came to $38,815.

Since our 2500 just entered the fleet, the odometer only has a mere 642 miles on it, and we've just scratched the surface breaking in the Hemi. We're already in love with its deep, throaty exhaust note, macho image, and commanding view over the sub-compacts below. Since summer is right around the corner, a few editors are talking about pulling a large trailer on a camping safari, and others are looking forward to getting the family boat to the lake a few times this season. We also don't doubt our HD will become a favorite hauler, especially since one of our editors has a large landscaping project ahead of him. TT

2003 Dodge Ram 2500 HD
Engine5.7L OHV 16-valve V-8
Miles 642
EPA, city/hwy N/A
Observed average, mpg9.8
Observed worst, mpg8.7
Observed best, mpg10.7
Average distance per fill-up214.3
Average cost per gallon$2.16
Average cost per fill-up$45.96
Number of services0
Overall service cost$0