Rarely does a weekend go by when there aren't Truck Trend staffers arguing about who gets weekend dibs on our long-term Ram. Why such contention? Because everyone has frequent need for a full-size truck, and, as far as trucks go, this one is a nice piece.

Though the truck has been pretty much trouble-free for almost 13,000 miles, we still can't get used to the excessive freeway jarring at speed, unloaded or slightly loaded. In fact, one editor referred to it as "laughably bad." Also, now that we've added a '03 Ram Hemi to our long-term fleet and can compare the two trucks back to back, it's even more apparent how much more improved Dodge's full-size truck platform is with the new 5.7-liter V-8.

Our editors haven't been shy about putting the Ram to work and have seen fit to carry everything from antique couches and roll-away tool boxes, to SVO Motors and big-screen TVs. We like the utility of the optional bedliner and, at $245, think it's a paint-saving bargain.

A few more grand on the clock, and it'll be time to change the oil and filter in our long-term Ram. We'll let you know how it goes from there. TT

Log Book
"The Infinity sound system never fails to impress me. Although the head unit isn't that user-friendly, the 'boom and tinkle' rivals sound systems in most other premium marques."
--John Matthius