For about 100 years, the Harley folk have promoted the idea that if you have to ask what it's all about, you wouldn't understand. However, when it comes to Ford and Harley-Davidson's latest alliance vehicle, it couldn't be more obvious: big, bad looks, universally recognizable sound, and solid American iron. After three years of exploring and expanding the F-150 lineup, the Harley bar and shield will grace new members of the F-Series family: the F-250 and F-350 Super Duty.

All new Harley-Davidson Super Duties share the same SuperCab or SuperCrew Lariat 4x4 platform. Mechanical options begin and end in the drivetrain. A 6.0-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel powered our test vehicle, but a Triton 6.8-liter V-10 is also available. A five-speed auto backs the diesel, while the V-10 plays with four. Ford's towing package is standard. Of course, your choice of gearsets affect tow ratings accordingly, ranging from 11,200 to 14,200 pounds.

For sheetmetal options, choose either the 8- or 63/4-foot bed. Exterior graphic schemes are stealthy black monochrome; nostalgic Competition Orange/black split two-tone, representing Harley's historic racing colors; or the black-on-gray treatment held over from the previous generation. The interior retains familiar accoutrements as well, including spun-metal gauge faces, leather amenities, and chrome accents. Accommodating an additional passenger--up to four now--is a bonus with the rear bench seat. Dial in the correct ergonomics with the adjustable pedal cluster.

On the road, this package offers no surprises. What it loses in the pure street performance of its predecessor, it more than gets back in heavy-duty towing, hauling, and utility.