Climbing (and we do mean climbing) into the spacious crew cab, you immediately realize that as much care went into the interior as the exterior. The glove-soft Katzkin leather-covered seats feature fully integrated heaters, coolers, and massagers.

The luxurious, quiet interior is a great place to enjoy the sights and sounds provided by the audio/video system. Using Clarion's versatile VRX935VD AM/FM/CD/DVD receiver with a built-in LCD screen as its control center, the driver can control fully integrated audio and video functions at his fingertips. A pair of Clarion amplifiers, which power the speakers and subwoofer, are stowed under the rear seat.

In spite of its huge road presence, the F-350 is surprisingly easy to drive, once you get used to the towering seating position. The turbodiesel moves the 7950-pound truck off the mark smartly and merging into traffic presents little difficulty, whether the Ford's unloaded or loaded to capacity. If there's a problem with the truck, it's that the sheer mass of the package, given its 172.4-inch wheelbase, makes its turning circle start to approach that of an ocean liner's.

The King of the Road, while not available as a turnkey vehicle, was designed by Performance West to illustrate the ways an owner can make his own vision a reality. The company estimates that the entire package, depending on the paint job, could be duplicated for around $30,000 over the initial cost of the vehicle, which could top $45,000 alone. While $75,000 might seem like a large sum for a truck (even of this magnitude), it's probably as close as mere mortals can get to driving a million-dollar concept vehicle. It's just the thing for your next home-improvement project.