Fast on the heels of its Guinness World Record, the Dodge Ram SRT-10 (Truck Trend, May/June 2004) will now appear in Quad Cab configuration, providing two more doors and room for five adults. (This model is part of Dodge's two-pronged Ram introductions, offering the extreme street-performance Quad Cab SRT-10 and the extreme off-road-performance Power Wagon 4x4, highlighted on page 36 in this issue.)

The longer, heavier Ram will still include the 505-cubic-inch (500-horsepower) Viper V-10, 22-inch wheels, lowered suspension, and 40-series tires; however, the extra sheetmetal, 20 more inches of frame, and the addition of an automatic transmission will add more than 250 pounds. On the plus side, that'll put more weight on the rear end and help with traction for hard launches as well as provide a slightly better cut through the airstream.

This is also the first time the Ram SRT-10 will be offered with an automatic transmission. The heavy-duty four-speed (48RE) is also used in the Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500 with the Cummins diesel option and includes an extra-capacity cooler and heavy-duty torque converter. We suspect it's strong enough, although it would be nice if it had a lower first gear and a fifth-gear overdrive. We're pleased to announce the Quad Cab Ram SRT-10 offers a trailer-hitch option, which allows this version of the performance truck to tow up to 7500 pounds. Previous regular-cab models didn't have any rated towing capacity. We like that more seats and towing ability means that the SRT-10 Ram becomes more than a single-purpose go-fast truck; now it has the option of being multidimensional. Other highlights include an aluminum body-color tonneau cover and a DVD-based navigation system. Look for Quad Cab models to make it to dealers at the beginning of next year and to include a premium over the regular-cab models of several thousand dollars. We'll have more to report after we get one of these power performers in-house.