On the road, the Quad Cab is civilized. Feel like cruising around town? This truck can lope along at a comfortably conservative pace without the typical performance-truck tradeoffs. Need to step things up? The truck will happily meet the spirited demands of your right foot, and, yes, it's possible to get the tires loose without much effort. Steering and handling are probably the biggest surprise, as Dodge engineers spent most of their time matching the steering ratios and shock tuning with the best overall performance feel. The Ram is surprisingly easy to live with. The only downside was chassis shudder on a local freeway with inappropriately spaced expansion joints.

On the surface, the combination of Viper power and a Quad Cab's interior volume may seem a waste, but Dodge recognized the shortcomings and addressed them without detracting from the spirit of the original (and it didn't hurt that it didn't have to create a platform from scratch to do it). What other manufacturer offers a choice of transmissions and cab styles in its high-performance truck lineup? None, actually.

And, if you think this will be the only four-door high-horsepower truck out there for a while, think again. For 2007, Ford just announced it's hoping to have the SVT Sport Trac Adrenalin (see story in this issue), a 390-horsepower SUT. Looks like the competition's heating up yet again.