The cabinis a comfy place, enhanced by the Lincoln-grade leathers stitched onto the steering wheel, shifter, and seats. Our metallic-beige tester was trimmed with soft, camel-colored Nudo leather that looked wonderful against the ebony wood accents and chrome highlights, but showed every single mark and smudge. Expect to work hard keeping the seats and console clean if your clothes tend to get soiled during work or play. This isn't really a working truck, although, unlike the Blackwood, you can actually carry stuff in the pickup bed and tow a trailer. We expect this Lincoln to be popular with fashion mid-managers with families and friends that need to arrive in style. Still, weid like the idea of something loaded with more reserve capability than it needs. Good to know it cleans up well and could slug it out moving the brother-in-law to another town.

Standard equipment is, as you'd expect, lavish. Lincoln-Mercury has kept the options list tight, offering only 12 extras, including a choice of custom wheels, chrome rail bars for the pickup bed, and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system. Yeah, it's lux, but will this be enough to keep up with the Cadillac Escalade EXT and bring honor back to Lincoln? This is probably a good start, but they'll need plenty more where this came from. TT