• Even SUVs and pickups will have distinct characteristics and grilles. Headlights will be independent units, different for GMC, Chevrolet, Denali, and Cadillac.
  • Classic flare designs typically create a full arch over both front and rear of the wheel opening. The new Silverado's flare starts at the front headlights, then dives over the opening. The look is rugged and, some might say, a bit odd. GMC front flares are softer and more traditional.
  • Look for more headroom, legroom, and hiproom from all three cab configurations (regular, extended, crew). Extended-cab models will have rear doors that open 170 degrees to allow for full pass-through loading. Likewise, rear seats flip up to allow for substantial loading volume. All rear-seat hardware is out of sight.
  • Unlike its familial SUV bumpers, the Silverado has kept a more traditional-looking bumper setup. With gaps significantly reduced in size and a low-hanging air dam pushing air down and around the front of the truck, the new front end not only channels more cool air into the engine, but also gets rid of extraneous air around the sides of the tires for increased aerodynamics.
  • The front suspension was originally developed for the pickup truck but worked well for the SUV engineers. The new coil-over-shock setup allows for a great range of control, yet still keeps the necessary strength for carrying heavy loads.
  • GM engineers started from a blank sheet of paper that helped them design the exact frame they needed. Hydroformed to precise specs, the frame allows for chassis-tuning data not previously utilized.
  • Silverados will come standard with 17-inch steel rims, but offer 18- and 20-inch aluminum wheels as options. GM tells us it expects the new Silverado to offer more options than any other vehicle sold in the U.S.
  • Continuing the squared-off design, the Chevy's rear flares bulge into the bed body, creating a look akin to that of the Silverado HD 3/4- and one-ton dualies.

    2007 Silverado HD Coming Soon
    Not long after the all-new Silverado/Sierra goes on sale, the Silverado and Sierra Heavy Duty trucks will get a makeover. Although not a lot is known at this stage, expect improvements with the chassis and frame, and significant upgrades to the interior. Five wheelbases, three cab configurations, and two bed lengths will be offered. Expect the 6.0 liter V-8 and 6.6 liter Duramax V-8 to be the only engines offered for next year, but there may be a big change coming for the next model year. Likewise, expect Chassis Cab models to only use regular and extended cabs. We'll have more to report in the coming months.