Frank's Impressions.
What amazing engines both trucks have for their different missions. Ford's Power Stroke is the ultra strong silent type, the Charles Atlas of its class, while the Dodge Hemi feels so athletic by comparison. It sprints from stoplights like a gigantic Carl Lewis, making that magic music that Hemis do.

Of course, the considerably bigger, less aerodynamic, heavier Ford diesel averaged 16.3 mpg with no extended highway trips while the gasoline Dodge ended up in the low 14s with a run to Chicago and back. Both need a half-ton of something onboard to really settle their chassis down (four big guys in the Dodge did the trick pretty nicely).

Style-wise I find the Ford's chromed locomotive look a bit frightening and generally prefer the Dodge, but that said, the Dodge's style really wears better on the hiked-up 4WD version than it does on this minimalist truck. Beyond that, my drive in these two mostly served to confirm the findings by our West Coast colleagues and to whet my appetite for the Ford/GM heavy smack-down that's coming in this Fall's Truck of the Year contest.