It's easy to ooh and aah over the custom trucks on the show floor at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. Your first thought is, "Wow, it would be really cool to add those aftermarket mods to my truck." But then reality sets in. To make your daily driver as cool-looking as the trucks on display at the show, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars, and would most likely reduce your truck's work capability.

Toyota decided that for 2011, one of the things it wanted to do was bridge that gap between SEMA irrationality and pickup truck capability. It created the T|X and T|X Pro, two new trim levels for its Tacoma. The T|X and T|X Pro came out of positive feedback from a concept Toyota Tacoma, called the TX Package, shown at SEMA in 2009. The TX had been displayed there to gauge opinion, which was so positive that the end result is the truck you see here.

The idea behind the new trucks is that Toyota has combined some of its performance packages, making them easier to buy on one pickup. Instead of bringing your ride in and having the exhaust, wheels, and tires added on, or ordering a truck with the individual components you want, you can get a Tacoma with all the goodies already in place. Not only does this eliminate the time needed to go from shop to shop to get the various items ordered and installed, but it can also save significant amounts of money. It's only available with the V-6 on either the Access Cab or Double Cab, and 4x4 or PreRunner, and are low-volume models.