In a world where it seems hybrids and four-cylinder econoboxes are trying to take over, we were thrilled when we heard Ford was putting the Raptor's 6.2-liter in the regular F-150 line. The two-valve engine -- a single overhead cam V-8 (the only SOHC offered in the F-150), with an iron block -- is no weakling, and it's the only engine you can get in a Harley-Davidson F-150. This is the last two-valve engine available in the Ford truck lineup, and it is proudly old school.

The truck's styling also is proudly old school. Its silver body (black is the only other color offered for 2011) was given set of orange stripes along the sides and on the hood, with engine turning metallic-looking swirls inside. There are Harley-Davidson logos and shields throughout the truck -- everywhere from the wheels, to the seats, to a gigantic one on the bedliner -- totaling 19 in all. Inside, the theme continues, with black leather covering the seats, plus brushed aluminum and chrome, and lots of Harley accents throughout. Even the storage areas on the backs of the front seats use horizontal zippers, reminiscent of leather biker jackets. There is more engine turning on the center console, as well as a large Harley-Davidson badge. We wonder how warm that badge will get in the summer sun, and also how long it will take when resting your arm on the armrest before you wind up with a Harley-Davidson imprint on it.

This is the top of the line F-150, with a base price of $52,115. Keep in mind, that price includes navigation, trailer towing package, power everything, heated and cooled leather seats, rearview camera, and a 3.73:1 rearend. It also comes with retractable side steps that run the length of the SuperCrew's cabin, and automatically lower when a door is opened and lift when the door is closed. And yes, the steps raise and lower independently, so opening a door on the passenger side will only cause that one to come down. The only options ours came with were a pickup bed extender and a tailgate step, for an as-tested price of $53,125. Over the top? You betcha.