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Wow!!! I am in love!!! The more I see it, the more I see my new truck!!! I will be selling my 05 FX-4 w/ dealer installed supercharger, and skyjacker lifted 3 inches. The 15 will be my towing truck, and my 11 Ecoboosted FX-4 will be the new hunting truck, with it's own skyjacker lift kit and so forth. I am really confident Ford has made this truck just as capable as my two have been. I swear by the Ecoboost, even tho I am a huge fan of V-8 power, Ecoboost has far from left me wanting. My families farm also employs an 11 XLT 7700 Ecoboost, and that truck has a touch over 100k, and that truck also has been flawless, so I am confident Ecoboost is a great alternative to V-8 power, except for sound. I really like the looks of the truck, tho the Toyota-ish front end may take some time (I doubt Ford copied Toyota, I am sure Ford has this style in the books for quite some time!!) But it looks like it is very well made, nice materials, and I am interested in seeing if it is really lighter. If this truck is 500 pounds lighter, the existing powertrain line up need not be changed. Loosing 500 pounds is like gaining 50 horsepower, and power has never been an issue with this existing lineup of powertrains. Fuel economy will be very strong with the weight loss. I am excited, and will be visiting the Ford dealer very soon to put in my order for a Lariat supercrew 4x4 3.5 Ecoboost w/ FX-4 package!!!!

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