In the world of motorhomes, the NexGen ASV represents a departure from conventional wisdom. With a focus on functionality, utility, and visual appeal, the target market for this all-new motorhome by Fleetwood RV is the younger, more active individual or family. As the ASV (Activity Support Vehicle) indicates, the NexGen is designed as a mobile basecamp, much like many SUVs sold today.

A radical move from traditional design, the exterior aesthetics of the NexGen embrace a high-tech industrial look, featuring a spoiler-type rear roofline. Instead of blending or disguising the exterior, attention is focused on such things as the chrome lugs and side mirrors. The use of bright fluorescent colors for trim pieces and graphics, gives the NexGen a dynamic feeling even when motionless. A tubular theme runs throughout the exterior, from the bumper to the ladder to the roof platform, the best of which is an excellent venue for viewing motor-sport events. A universal fitting above the rear bumper accepts all kinds of carrying racks for bicycles, kayaks, surfboards, skis, etc.

As for storage, forward of the roof platform is a spacious Yakima cargo carrier. Exterior bays ingressed through a series of lockable cargo doors provide easily accessed storage from either side of the vehicle. Each bay includes a light.

On the inside, the NexGen’s floor is dressed with textured PVC for easy cleanup. A charging/docking station that houses four handheld two-way radios is standard. Lights indicate which radios are fully charged and those still charging. This is a great feature for guests who hike, bike, or raft and want to remain in contact with one another. A GPS system is also available.