The NexGen ASV also includes what’s called a “soft-pack system” that hangs on the interior coach walls, for packing gear in the house. In addition, two backpacks are located behind the driver and copilot captain chairs, and there are storage cubbies with cargo netting, similar to the kind found in back of SUVs.

All furniture is covered with low-maintenance fabrics that hides dirt and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. A full-service galley contains a cooktop, galley sink, refrigerator, and a good amount of storage, including metallic pegboard wall units (with black pegs) for stowing gear in the open. A private bathroom and shower are standard, with heated holding tanks ducted from a central furnace plenum.

Built on both the Workhorse Chassis (with a 8.1L Vortec) and the Ford F-450 (with a Triton V-10), the NexGen ASV is 29 ­ft long and is capable of trailering 10,000 lb of motorcycles, ATVs, water craft, or dune buggies. Creative styling, with a focus on functionality and utility, makes the NexGen ASV a provocative possibility for those with active lifestyles.