For 2005, the base engine made 245 horses from 4.0 liters, and the 4.7-liter V-8 was boosted to 282. Automatic trans had five speeds, and the manual with the V-6 gained a cog, totaling six.

A recall last year involved 2000-2003 Tundras: Frames could rust, allowing the spare tire to fall off. Reports also indicate problems with exhaust manifolds on the 2000-2002 Tundras, both engines, and the oxygen sensors -- the last not a problem limited to Tundras. Overall, Tundra owners rate their vehicles highly, and point to the fact that the truck isn't as large or unwieldy as a domestic-brand competitor as one of its strengths.

2000-2006 Toyota Tundra
Body type Two- or four-door pickup
Drivetrain Front engine, RWD/4WD
Airbags Dual front
Engines 3.4-liter, 190-hp DOHC V-6; 4.0-liter, 236-245-hp DOHC V-6; 4.7-liter, 245-282-hp, DOHC V-8
Brakes, f/r Vented disc/drum, ABS
Price range, wholesale/retail (est) $2445/$5390 (2000 standard cab RWD V-6); $19,100/$24,895 (2006 Double Cab Limited 4WD V-8)
Recalls Too many to list; see
NHTSA frontal impact rating, driver/pass Four stars/five stars