Raiders are almost too rare to show up in maintenance searches -- in fact, the best year was 2007, according to Mitsubishi, when just under 7500 were sold -- so let’s look at the Dakota. Generally, the third-generation truck fares better than its predecessors, with fewer big problems like transmission failures and ball joints falling out. But the Dakota’s electrical system is still problematic, and there are reports of failing EGR valves and throttle-position sensors. Dakotas are notoriously hard on their disc-front/drum-rear brakes, too.

For Mitsubishi fans, or perhaps just Dakota appreciators who want something a bit out of the ordinary, the Raider is a reasonable choice.

2006-2009 Mitsubishi Raider
Body type Four-door pickup
Drivetrain Front engine, RWD or 4WD
Airbags Dual front
Engines 3.7L/210-hp SOHC V-6; 4.7L/230-235-hp SOHC V-8 (2006-2007 only)
Brakes, f/r Disc/drum, ABS
Price range, trade in/retail (KBB) $6825/$10,275 (2006 LS Extended Cab RWD V-6); $17,325/$22,125 (2009 LS Double Cab 4WD V-6)
Recalls Brake module, windshield wiper switch
NHTSA frontal impact rating driver/pass Five stars /five stars