Our staff closed ranks when it came to the interior. From the new electroluminescent gauges to the metallic-look center stack, Venetian-blind-like positive closing dash vents, and rich leather seat trim, there is plenty to like. And here's a switch. The new Dodge impressed many of our editors with its fit and finish. Better yet, instrumented testing confirmed what our ears were telling our doubting minds--the Durango tied with the Sequoia for the quietest cabin.

Where the Dodge put away the competition for good, however, was on the highway. Even though the Durango didn't especially distinguish itself at the track, it morphed from battlestar into Millennium Falcon on long Interstates, twisty two-laners, and suburban boulevards alike.

A perfect storm of generous power, delightful ride quality, and precise handling combined to make the Durango a favorite over-the-road loafer-holder for editorial hot-shoes. A full-throttle matchup of our acceleration champ, the Armada, and Durango at 70 mph was no contest--the Dodge simply engaged warp drive and walked away from the Nissan. "By far, the best dynamically," says one editor. "The steering is agile and the ride quality is delightful--absorbent without any float," says another.

All said and done, the Durango had the stuff, inside, out, and under the hood, to carry itself among this large and ultra-competitive gang of sport/utilities. So the next time you're cruising in your Durango for Moon Pies, we'll understand if you just keep your foot in it right past Stuckey's. Nobody knows what's in those things anyway.