Our Take
What's Hot
Stylish design should hold up well over time
Interior design and materials are first rate
Cooler than a sport/utility

What's Not
Lack of performance
Numb steering
Pricey when loaded

Don't Miss
Navi screen on instrument cluster

Bottom Line
Not a meter-mover, a but a good family piece

From The Logbook
"The interior is the strong suit. There's plenty of versatility, and it's easy to raise and lower the third row. Interior design also is top-notch for this category and has the style and appearance that would surprise those who haven't seen a Chrysler in a while."
Allyson Harwood

"The one-touch (okay, two-touch) hatch release is a convenient feature when holding a baby and bags of groceries, and auto-down is great also."
Brandy Schaffels

"After living with the packaging of the Pacifica, it seems to make many concessions due to its shape rather than add usefulness (e.g., blind spots, difficulty getting to the third row, and fuel economy). Is the Pacifica the answer to a question nobody asked? I don't care what the marketing says, it's still a minivan, and there are better choices out there for less $$."
Chris Walton

"Overall the Pacifica's idea is great: combine the best aspects of a car, minivan, and SUV into one friendly package, kind of the Swiss Army knife of family vehicles. Chrysler has done good but unfortunately I don't think the Pacifica does one thing great, but it does most things well."
John Kiewicz

"There are dozens of luxury cars I'd rather drive and even a few minivans that feel lighter on their feet (not to mention leagues more useful in everyday life) than this good-looking but somewhat hugely disappointing crossover. I think something (a lot of things actually) got lost in the crossing."
Ron Sessions