In the new Yukon, welcome changes include bigger brakes, stiffer body structure, hydroformed chassis rails, tow/haul transmission system, increased towing capacity, new third-row seat, larger heated outside mirrors, spare tire relocated underbody instead of inside, optional sunroof, front side impact airbags, and standard nine-speaker AM/FM/CD sound system.

Compared to the '99, the 2000 Yukon has more interior space, is lighter (83 pounds 2wd, 282 pounds 4wd), shorter (0.7 inch), narrower (2.1 inches), with a shorter wheelbase (1.5 inches) leading to a 1.6-inch-tighter turning radius. It's taller (3.6 inches 2wd, 1.2 inches 4wd), though GMC says its 76.4-inch-tall 2wd Yukon will still fit into a standard 78.0-inch-tall garage door opening, something Ford can't say about the 80-plus-inch-tall Excursion. The Yukon will start rolling off the assembly lines and into mall parking lots soon. Pricing has yet to be announced, but we're told there will be little increase over '99 models.