Unlike the H1's enormous exterior dimensions and claustrophobic interior, the cabin of the H2 is more suited to non-military occupation. A half third-row seat is foldable and removable, which is a good thing, as the full-size spare devours a considerable amount of storage space. Switchgear, vents, and other interior fittings are GM parts-bin stuff, but the pieces fit together well enough and are straightforward in operation.

While the H1 dwarfs the newest Hummer, the H2's Rubinesque body will never be mistaken for anything but an AM General product. Broad shoulders, flat, square windows, and a bluff silhouette are visual cues buyers want, and the H2 delivers the goods. While this Hummer model can only gaze wistfully at compact parking spaces, at least it doesn't fill the entire south forty.

Verdict? Hummer's H2 is a departure from the original H1 in that it's comfortable, quiet, and will fit in most garages. Similarities to the big guy include mountain-goat-like tenacity and imposing looks. This truck strikes a near perfect balance between a take-no-prisoners attitude and comfortable livability.