Got dirt? Then don't buy a small, car-based, all-wheel-drive sport/utility crossover demi-wagon thingy. Nobody with true trail experience would consider one of them a true 4x4 sport/utility. A rutted, rocky, and off-pavement excursion will leave those four-cylinder pantywaists at the trailhead.

This comparison is reserved for rugged conveyances with a low-range transfer case and more than a few inches of ground clearance. The three we picked feature V-6s ranging in size from 2.7 to 3.7 liters, automatic transmissions, the aforementioned low-range gears, and workaday sticker prices.

What might surprise you is that they also cater to your desire for luxury, comfort, and convenience with split-folding, second-row seating and a full complement of power accessories and safety equipment. What's more, they each have some of the industry's best warranty packages. After some worthwhile track testing, trail-busting, commuting, and button punching, here's how they stack up.